The Suffolk Foundation is pleased to announce that it has 14 scholarships that it annually awards. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please click on the particular scholarship below to review the criteria and access an application. Applications are usually available on the Foundation website after February 1st of each year, with the deadline being noon on the last working day in March. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. View applications here.

2020 Scholarship Recipients

In June 2020, the Suffolk Foundation announced its 2020 academic scholarship awards. This year the Foundation awarded $41,800 to 13 recipients. Since the Foundation received its 501(c)(3) nonprofit community foundation status in October 2007, it has awarded over $5,700,000 in unrestricted and donor-advised grants and scholarships.

To see the 2020 recipients, click here.

View current scholarships below. Click or tap a scholarship name to view more details.

ScholarshipEst. ValueCriteriaCurrent Student At
Allfirst Memorial Scholarship$1,000Employee or employee family member of Allfirst Industrial General ContractorsPublic high school Senior or enrolled in college, university, or trade school
Audrey B. Butler Memorial Scholarship$1,000Pursue a college degree in Nursing (LPN, RN)Suffolk, Isle of Wight or Southampton public, private, or homeschool high school Senior; or Suffolk, Isle of Wight, or Southampton resident enrolled in a Nursing college degree program (LPN, RN)
James M. Blair Memorial Scholarship$5,000Financial needSuffolk public or private high school Senior
Ossie S. & Thomas F. Blair, Jr. Memorial Scholarship$5,000Financial needSuffolk public, private, or homeschool high school Senior or graduate enrolled in a U.S. college or university
Col. Fred. V. Cherry Scholarship$3,000African-American, financial needSuffolk public or private high school Senior
Louis & Mary Haddad Foundation Scholarship$1,000Documented learning differenceSuffolk public or private high school Senior
William N. (Billy) Hill Scholarship$1,000Pursue a degree in EducationSuffolk public high school Senior
Howard D. Mast Memorial Scholarship$5,000Financial need; participation in sportsSuffolk public, private, or homeschool high school Senior or graduate enrolled in a U.S. college or university
Lewis F. Morris Memorial Scholarship$1,500Involvement in school and community activitiesKing’s Fork High School Senior
Amy Phelps Art Scholarship$2,000Pursue a career in art in collegeHigh school Senior in Southampton, Franklin, Windsor, Smithfield, Surry, Sussex Public Schools, Isle of Wight Academy, or Southampton Academy
Suffolk Business Women Scholarship$2,500Female, U.S. citizen, pursue a degree in collegeHigh school senior, resident of Suffolk, VA
Samaritan Internship ScholarshipSee scholarship page for detailsSee scholarship page for detailsCurrently enrolled in a college or university
DiStasio Health Professions Scholarship$2,000See scholarship page for detailsHigh school senior in one of Suffolk, Isle of Wight County, or Southampton County Virginia’s public or private high schools
Otha S. Rountree Memorial Scholarship$1,500See scholarship page for detailsSenior in one of Suffolk, Virginia’s public or private high schools or a home-schooled graduating senior or, be a resident of Suffolk, VA, currently enrolled in a Nursing college degree program (LPN, RN)
Please note that Scholarship Funds will retain either the name/s of the donor/s who created it or someone to be honored by the donor/s. If you would like to recognize outstanding students, establish a memorial to loved ones, or set an example for younger generations to follow, please consider establishing a scholarship.


Download any of our scholarship press releases below. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Name Last Modified File Size
Scholarship Awards press release 2021
14-06-2021 12:13 76.2 KB
Scholarship Awards press release 2020
14-08-2020 8:48 16.7 KB
2019 Scholarship Awards Press Release
04-09-2019 12:25 73.3 KB
2018 Scholarship Awards Press Release
27-06-2018 9:11 53.4 KB
2017 Scholarship Awards Press Release
27-06-2018 9:11 52.1 KB
2016 Scholarship Awards Press Release
27-06-2018 9:11 50.7 KB
2015 PHELPS Scholarship Press Release Parson
27-06-2018 9:11 19.5 KB
2015 MORRIS Scholarship Press Release Lindsay Ransome
27-06-2018 9:11 23.2 KB
2015 MAST Scholarship Press Release Super
27-06-2018 9:11 25.1 KB
2015 CHERRY Scholarship Press Release Askew
27-06-2018 9:11 21.1 KB
2014 MORRIS Scholarship Press Release Erin Whitley
27-06-2018 9:11 23.1 KB
2014 MAST and CHERRY Press Release Destanie Fonoimoana
27-06-2018 9:11 17.6 KB
2013 MORRIS Scholarship Press Release
27-06-2018 9:11 18.3 KB
2013 MAST Scholarhip Press Release Casy J Wood
27-06-2018 9:11 17.8 KB
2013 CHERRY Scholarship Press Release
27-06-2018 9:11 44.2 KB
2012 MAST Scholarhip Press Release Elizabeth Dolan
27-06-2018 9:11 17.1 KB
2012 CHERRY Scholarship Press Release Mason
27-06-2018 9:11 20.8 KB
2011 MAST Scholarship Press Release
27-06-2018 9:11 38.8 KB
2011 CHERRY Scholarship Press Release Hardy
27-06-2018 9:11 21 KB
2010 MAST Scholarship Press Release Rebecca Jean Warren
27-06-2018 9:11 20.8 KB
2010 CHERRY Scholarship Press Release Desmond McGlone
27-06-2018 9:11 22.2 KB
2009 MAST Scholarship Press Release Daria Godunova
27-06-2018 9:11 19.8 KB
2008 MAST Scholarship Press Release Juan Lascano
27-06-2018 9:11 21 KB
To find out more about scholarships from the Suffolk Foundation contact
Win Winslow, Executive Director of the Suffolk Foundation:
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