A great way to make a lasting impact and fulfill your charitable goals is to create a fund with the Suffolk Foundation. The Suffolk Foundation is a publicly supported philanthropic institution governed by a board of private citizens chosen to be representative of the public interest and for their knowledge of the community. A community foundation administers many individual funds contributed or bequeathed to it by individuals, other agencies, governments, corporations, and other sources. The Foundation encourages and helps donors achieve their charitable giving objectives. Explore our current fund types below.

how funds work

The Suffolk Foundation accepts contributions from individuals, businesses, foundations and other nonprofit organizations and encourages donors to be involved in identifying and supporting projects of community importance. It welcomes the creation of named funds to honor the donor, the donor’s family, or other persons/organizations that the donor wishes to recognize. The Foundation accepts gifts of cash, securities, real estate, trusts, bequests and other non-cash assets to establish or add to a fund. There are numerous ways to give to the Suffolk Foundation. If you are considering establishing a fund with the Foundation, it is recommended that you seek advice from a financial or legal advisor, and/or a C.P.A. The Executive Director of the Foundation would be happy to assist you with the timing and the completion of the necessary documents to finalize your gift.


Unrestricted Funds

Unrestricted Funds are appropriate for donors who want their charitable giving to accomplish the most for the quality of life in Suffolk and the surrounding areas, but recognize that the community needs can change over time. Perhaps the most important of all foundation assets, Unrestricted Funds enable the Distribution Committee to respond to changing community needs as they arise. The distribution of these funds will usually take place annually after the Board of Directors reviews applications from area non-profits. There is no minimum gift requirement unless the fund is to be named.

A named fund requires a $10,000 minimum gift.


Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest Funds support programs and/or organizations in a field specified by the donor. This fund is appropriate for donors interested in addressing specific issues in a particular category such as: Arts, Culture and Humanities; Human Needs; Education; Youth; Disabled; Elderly; Human Services; Environment; and Animal Welfare. The fund allows a donor to support a particular field of interest, but does not require a commitment to just one organization. The distribution of these funds will take place annually after the Board of Directors reviews applications from area non-profits. The Distribution Committee is bound to follow your broad guidance.

A minimum gift of $10,000 is required.*


Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-Advised Funds allow the donor to make recommendations as to how the income from the fund is spent. This fund is appropriate for donors who would like to take advantage of charitable giving, but would like to be able to make suggestions on which charities should be supported. The Distribution Committee welcomes the donor’s input, but is obligated to follow the IRS guidelines. The Foundation expects its grant distributions from donor-advised funds for the year to equal or exceed 5% of its average net assets on a fiscal year rolling basis over 4 years. If the donor-advised fund is identified as not meeting the required 5% pay out, and does not do so after being notified, the Foundation is authorized to transfer up to 5% of assets from the donor-advised fund to the charity selected by the Foundation. The Distribution Committee must make the final decision concerning the distribution of funds. The Foundation’s Board of Directors has final approval of these recommendations.

A minimum gift of $25,000 is required.*


Designated Funds

Designated Funds support a specific nonprofit organization or program selected by the donor in perpetuity. This fund is appropriate for donors who want to designate a specific nonprofit organization(s) or program(s) to receive annual gifts even after his/her lifetime. Designated funds are often endowed in perpetuity with the income used to support the organization.

A minimum gift of $10,000 is required.*


Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds are appropriate for donors who want to support deserving students. This type of fund is used when the donor would like to establish named scholarship(s) so deserving students may have the opportunity to acquire an education they might not otherwise be able to receive. The scholarship may be for any level of education the donor specifies. Scholarships enable students to pursue academic goals and can be established by individuals, families, organizations, and companies. Donors have much flexibility and may define the guidelines for the candidate selection or designate a field of study or college/university to be attended.

A minimum gift of $25,000 is required.*


Memorial Funds

Memorial Funds are appropriate for donors saddened by the death of a dear and valued friend or family member. The fund becomes a permanent living memorial that will be meaningful throughout the years. The Memorial Fund is usually either unrestricted or dedicated to a field of interest important to the deceased.

A minimum gift of $10,000 is required*


Agency Funds

Agency (Special) Funds are appropriate for organizations in the local community who desire the Foundation to act as a repository of gifts in their names.

Administrative Funds

Administrative Funds are appropriate for donors who want to support the ongoing work of the Suffolk Foundation and assure its ability to serve Suffolk and surrounding communities. An administrative fund is used to offset operating expenses, thereby increasing the amount available for charitable distribution.

The Foundation incurs expenses involved in the management and operation of community funds. To offset these costs, an administrative fee of 0.25% per quarter of the total fund balance will be assessed against all funds. Also, financial management fees will be assessed to all funds based on the cost incurred by the Foundation. Fees charged will be calculated quarterly. Davenport Asset Management has been selected to manage the Foundation’s financial investments. The Foundation receives monthly reports from Davenport Asset Management. The Davenport Asset Management team meets with the Board annually to personally review the investment portfolio.

With respect to all distributions, the Foundation will conduct a thorough review of prospective recipient organizations, and reviews outcome reports at a project’s completion. It is the responsibility of the Foundation to investigate allegations of improper use of grant funds for the private benefit of any individual and to see that grants are used by the grantees exclusively in the furtherance of charitable purposes.

Current Funds

Fund NameFund Type
Allfirst Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Amadas Industries Stanley A. Brantley Jr. Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Amy Phelps Art Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Ann Godwin Moore FundUndesignated Fund
Audrey B. Butler Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Brian and Caroline Martin Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Charity for Needy FundField-of-Interest Fund
Charles B. III and Juanita Pond FundUndesignated Fund
Chuckatuck Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Coach Ron Killmon PRLPT FundField-of-Interest Fund
Col. Fred V. Cherry Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Community Action Coalition of Virginia FundField-of-Interest Fund
Community Impact FundUndesignated Fund
Cross Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
David and Debbie Russell Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Disaster Relief FundField-of-Interest Fund
DiStasio Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
DiStasio Health Professions Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Dottie Scott Elizabeth River Artists FundDonor-Advised Fund
Dwight and Jane Schaubach FundDonor-Advised Fund
Ella Freeman Rawls Endowment FundDonor-Advised Fund
George and Sue Birdsong Endowment FundDonor-Advised Fund
George T. Everett Memorial FundUndesignated Fund
Hall Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Hampton Roads Partnership FundField-of-Interest Fund
Harrell FundDonor-Advised Fund
Harry and Lisa Cross Administrative FundAdministrative Fund
Heirs of Angus Henderson Hines FundUndesignated Fund
Host Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Howard D. Mast Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
James M. Blair Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
K&L Cross FundDonor-Advised Fund
Katherine S. Harrison FundDonor-Advised Fund
Lewis F. Morris and William L. Whitley Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Louis and Mary Haddad Foundation Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Wendel AVW Technologies FundUndesignated Fund
Next Step Operating Endowment FundOperating Endowment
Obici Healthcare Foundation Career Pathways Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Oliver K. Hobbs, Sr. STEM Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Operating FundOperating Fund
Ossie S. and Thomas F. Blair Jr. Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Otha S. Rountree Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
R. Curtis and Martha Godwin Saunders Memorial FundAdministrative Fund
Reynoldson Baptist Church FundOrganizational Fund
Richard F. III and Carolyn Barry FundDonor-Advised Fund
Samaritan Internship FundDesignated Fund
Scott and Heather Carr Charitable FundDonor-Advised Fund
Suffolk Business Women Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Suffolk Education Foundation FundOrganizational Fund
Suffolk Humane Society FundOrganizational Fund
Suffolk Recreational and Charitable Association FundField-of-Interest Fund
Suffolk Youth Athletic Association FundOrganizational Fund
Thomas H. III and Constance P. Birdsong Endowment FundUndesignated Fund
Tom and Jane Birdsong Endowment FundDonor-Advised Fund
Tri-County Longbeards FundDesignated Fund
White Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
William N. (Billy) Hill Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Women’s Impact FundGiving Circle Fund

To find out more about establishing a fund with the Suffolk Foundation contact us:
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