The Suffolk Foundation can help you to recognize special people who have made a difference in the local community and in your life. Donations can be made as a memorial to an individual, or as a tribute to an individual, family, organization, to honor a special occasion such as a wedding anniversary or birthday, and even as a way to thank community members for their work on a project. When a loved one passes away, you may wish to ask that contributions in lieu of flowers be made to the Suffolk Foundation Community Impact Fund ensuring that gifts have a lasting impact in our community. Donate Now.

When a tribute or memorial gift is received, the Suffolk Foundation will send an acknowledgement to the person or family indicated, notifying them of your thoughtful donation, but will not reveal the amount of the donation. Every gift is 100% tax-deductible.

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how TRIBUTES work

This page will be updated monthly reflecting donations in memory/honor/tribute of honorees, as well as published annually in Suffolk Foundation communications and in the Suffolk Living Magazine. Tribute donations are placed in the Suffolk Foundation Community Impact Fund to support charitable needs in and around the Suffolk community.


If you have questions, please contact Executive Director Win Winslow at 757-923-9090 or gro.noitadnuofkloffus@wolsniww.

In Memory of Sandra Krise

Angus Hines, Jr.

In Memory of Bob Marr

Lisa and Harry Cross

In Memory of Rev. Myrtle Frances Hatcher

Angus Hines, Jr.

In Memory of Mary E. Blair

Sandra Reynolds

In Memory of Alice H. O'Connor

Heather and Scott Carr

In Memory of Randolph Raines, Sr.

Kim and Randy Raines
Mabel Raines

In Memory of Dwayne Earl Casper

Heather and Scott Carr

In Memory of George Barnett

Angus Hines, Jr.

In Memory of Yancey Birdsong

Heather and Scott Carr
Main Street United Methodist Church
Obici Healthcare Foundation
Juanita and Charles Pond, III

In Honor of Whitney & Ellen Saunders

Robert Saunders

In Honor of Kim Raines

Samuel Goldenberg

In Honor of Les & Wanda Hall

Paul Venable

In Honor of George Birdsong

Obici Healthcare Foundation

In Memory of Mary B. Sherard

William Hill

In Memory of James Turner, Jr.

Angus Hines, Jr.
Elizabeth Turner

In Memory of Wayland T. Pond, III

Angus I. Hines, Jr. Family

In Memory of Jane Spivey

Robert E. Gillette

In Memory of Jerry Saunders

Robert E. Gillette

In Memory of P. B. Piland

Robert E. Gillette

In Memory of Wilbur Wright

Robert E. Gillette

In Memory of Anthony Mathews

Robert E. Gillette

In Memory of David and Jeffrey Halley

Carmen and Michael Halley

In Memory of Ruth Phelps

Lynn and Marshall Bradley
Stephen and Christine Cole
Glenn and Sarah Rawlings
Timothy and Judith Spear
A. Wayne Vargo
Eliza and James Rainey

In Memory of Albert E. (“Buddy”) Krise, III

Angus Hines, Jr.

In Memory of Elsie Copeland

Chuckatuck Class of 1961

In Memory of Elwood Matthews

Chuckatuck High School Class of 1961

In Memory of Bobbie Chapman

Cindy and Phil Ferguson

In Honor of Frank Bray

Susan and James Garrett

In Honor of Charles Birdsong

Pee Dee Peanut LLC

In Honor of Ellen Harrison Saunders & Lisa Thompson Cross

Katherine Rawls

In Memory of Lorraine Skeeter

Alice T. Cross

In Memory of Bobby Spivey

Robert E. Gillette

In Memory of Aleck Winslow

Robert E. Gillette

In Memory of John C. Harrell

Judge and Mrs. James C. Godwin

In Memory of Sue Birdsong

Sarah Walden
Sara Ann and Bill Johnson
Angelica Light

In Memory of William Cartledge

Margaret Reeder-Thornton

In Memory of Arthur Woolford Raine

Robert E. Gillette

In Memory of Susan Redmond Kilby

Jackie Overton

In Honor of William (Billy) L. Whitley

Lynn K. Rose

In Memory of Beverly R. Whitley

Lynn K. Rose

In Memory of Jack C. Knight

Robert E. Gillette

In Honor of Jack C. Knight

Art Latimer

In Honor of Barbara Parker

Art Latimer

In Honor of Deceased Classmates

Chuckatuck Class of 1958

In Memory of R. Curtis Saunders, Jr.

Eric Anderson
Lynn and Joe Barlow
Maxine Barnett
BB&T Whiteville Office
Patricia Bennett
Sue and George Birdsong
Sandra and Mac Birdsong
Nancy and Robert Brewbaker
Elizabeth Brooks
Heather and Scott Carr
Gloria and William Chorey
Reginald Corinaldi
Jean Cross
Lisa and Harry Cross
Anna Maria D’Antonio
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dankmyer
William Darden
Hunter and Bill Duggan
Duke Automotive
E. V. Williams, Inc.
Environmental Controls of Virginia
Mary Ann and Jack Eure
J. Jerome Felton
Frank Edward Sheffer & Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Freeman, Jr.
Sarah and Nathan Gardner
Cecilia Gerloff
E. Brooks Godwin and David Olli
Ellen and James Godwin
Wanda and Les Hall
Mr. and Mrs. John Harlow
Pearl and Robert Harrell
Mollie Hassell
Robert Hayes and family
HBA Architecture & Interior Design, Inc.
Donna and Charlie Henderson
Pam and Billy Hill
Angus Hines, Jr.
Esther Jett Holland
Mr. and Mrs. John Holland
Martha James
Asa Johnson
William and Margaret Godwin Jonas
Betsy and Tom Jones
Mr. and Mrs. C. Frank Jordan
Emeline and H. L. Keith
Betty Kyle
The Lane Construction Corp.
Anne and George Lankford
W. Ashton Lewis
Marvin V. Templeton & Sons, Inc.
Bessie and Christina Mathias
Mr. and Mrs. John McLemore
Mardane McLemore
Margaret Moring
Nansemond Pre-Cast Concrete
Joan Nelms
Ann and Jack Nurney
Alice O’Connor
Jeanette Ojeda and Martin N. Speroni
J. N. Owens
Lynnete Holmes Park
Mary Park
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Peabody, Jr.
Phyllis Pruden
Mr. and Mrs. James Rainey
Reasor Enterprises
Mrs. Woodrow Reasor
Riddick Babineau, PC
Saunders & Ojeda, P.C.
Anne Saunders
Emily Saunders
Rob and Mary Ann Saunders
John Sebrell
Polly and Henry Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. William Spain, Jr.
Virginia Sullivan
Sweetbriar Development Corp.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Taylor, Jr.
Terry Peterson Residential Companies, L.L.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tripolsky
Joyce Trump
VA Transportation Construction Alliance
Dean Vincent
Alvis and Burwell Winslow
Jane Womack
Mr. and Mrs. Basil Yost, III
Arlene and David Zeiler

In Memory of Audrey Billups Butler

Tracy P. Carr
William L. Chorey
Mary Lawrence Harrell
Elizabeth W. Jones
MLB of Glenview Public Charity
Suffolk Sheet Metal, Inc.
Audrey and Robert Tippett
Mrs. Margaret J. Smith
Mary and Joe White
Anne R. White
Parker’s Produce
Rita and David Salmon
Carolyn, Don and Turner Hodgins
Mary and Sam Sheard
Pam and Bruce Tinker
Vincent Wood
Pearl Harrell
Cynthia and Frank White, Jr.
Scott Bradshaw & Rawls, P.C.
Ann and Jack Nurney, Jr.
Daryl, Kim, Tyler and Cody Billups
Robert R. Chapman, III
Duke Automotive
Thera O. Palmer, IV
Arlene and T.O. Palmer, III
Jackie and Eddie White
Charles Edward White, III
Linda and Chad White
Julianne Farricker
Lindsey White
Larry J. Butler
Ann and Jeff Davies
Michael Carr
Danine Hopkins
Brooke Abrams
Lynn and Win Dale
Sara Ann and Bill Johnson

In Memory of Martha Saunders

Nita and Everett Bagnell
Lynn and Joe Barlow
Maxine Barnett
Beazley Foundation, Inc.
Patricia Bennett
Birdsong Peanuts
Sue and George Birdsong
James Blair
Elizabeth Brooks
Martha and Linwood Callis
Heather and Scott Carr
Sue Chandler
Gloria and William Chorey
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Clement
Reginald Corinaldi, III
Mary Hart and Austin Darden
Duke Automotive
Jacqueline Edwards
Mary Ann and Jack Eure
Sarah and Nathan Gardner
Cecilia Gerloff
Robert Gillette
Katherine Godwin
Marion Grigg and Diane Grieder
Becky and James Habel
Wanda and Les Hall
Hampton Roads Bankshares
Pearl and Robert Harrell
Sandy and Chet Hart
Pam and Billy Hill
Mr. and Mrs. John Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Jaffe
Asa Johnson
Sara Ann and Bill Johnson
Betsy and Tom Jones
Mr. and Mrs. C. Frank Jordan
Linnie and C.F. Jordan, Jr.
Brenda and Doug Kincaid
Erline Kingsbury
Betty Kyle
Alice McCarley
Mr. and Mrs. John McLemore
Mardane McLemore
Jane and Jim Moore
Margaret Moore
Diane and Robert Nelms
T. E. Norfleet
Ann and Jack Nurney
Tommy O’Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Pollard
Robert Powell, III
Phyllis Pruden
Kathy and David Rawls
Dr. and Mrs. Mallory Read
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Stiff
Suffolk News-Herald
Pearl Taylor
Terry Peterson Residential Companies, L.L.C.
Joyce Trump
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Williams
Alvis and Burwell Winslow
Cynthia Winslow
Jane Womack
Sue and Tom Woodward
Thomas Woodward, III
Mr. and Mrs. Basil Yost, III

In Memory of Angus I. Hines, Jr.

Scott Dean Waitzer
Katherine Bennett
Maxine Elder Barnett
Susan Bowden Neri
Jane Wommack
Henry G. Simpson
Ann and Robert Story
Greta Gustavson and Gary Naigle
Sue and George Birdsong
Irma and Terry Mottley
Carroll G. Frohman
Patricia and Dennis Dehainaut
James E. Floyd, Jr.
Alice T. Cross
Nansemond River Power Squadron
Cheryl U. O’Connor
Lauren Herterich
James Reightler
Leslie Friedman
Christa Folkes
BJ & AW Strattner
Nancy and Joseph Webb
Margaret and Stewart Boyce
Judge and Mrs. James C. Godwin

In Memory of William P. Blair

Mardane McLemore
Martha and Linwood Callis, Jr.
Linda and George Consolvo
Anne and John Council
C.W. Brinkley, Inc. Construction
Alice T. Cross
Nancy and Arnold Dempsey
Mary Ann and John Eure
Kay and Donald Goldberg
Sandy and Chet Hart
Nansemond Pre-Cast Concrete Co.
Nancy and Wesley King
Nancy and Joseph Webb
Joyce Trump
Lydia, Eley and Duke Automotive
Juliet and Calvin Fancher
Mary Lawrence and John Harrell
Charnell W. Blair
Peggy and Robert Colgin, Jr.

To find out more about tributes through the Suffolk Foundation contact
Win Winslow, Executive Director of the Suffolk Foundation:
757-923-9090 or gro.noitadnuofkloffus@wolsniww.