Samaritan Intern Scholarship

The purpose of the Samaritan Intern Scholarship is to provide an annual stipend to one summer intern applicant who has demonstrated interest in learning more about, working in, and possibly a career in, non-profit organizations. The stipend will be paid directly to the selected intern on a twice-monthly basis. The term of the internship is 9 weeks, approximately 30 hours per week, beginning in June annually, with the start date dependent upon the intern’s college schedule.

This application will open on April 1 and must be submitted on or before 12pm noon (Eastern Time) on the last business day of April. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. For more information, contact the Suffolk Foundation staff at gro.noitadnuofkloffus@eciffo or by calling 757-923-9090.

This application is now closed. Please check back next year.

To learn more about the Suffolk Foundation, contact our staff at:
757-923-9090 or gro.noitadnuofkloffus@eciffo.