2013 Grant Awardees



The Suffolk Foundation granted its largest, single gift of $50,000 to the Salvation Army from its Disaster Relief Fund in December, 2013. The Disaster Relief Fund was established through the generosity of numerous citizens from Suffolk and across the Commonwealth after the 2008 tornado. After all community needs were met, funds, not expended, were used to establish the Foundation’s Disaster Relief Fund in the event Suffolk was hit by future disasters. The Board believed the request by the Salvation Army to be a great opportunity to be proactive by helping put in place an emergency shelter in the downtown area. The Foundation felt funding this project was a wise use of funds and would be of immediate help to those affected by some form of disaster.

The downtown area has been void of an emergency shelter since the Birdsong Recreation Center was demolished. The Salvation Army, in partnership with the City, had agreed to make available the new “Physical Health and Education Center” and had built the facility meeting all the basic shelter requirements. The one major piece missing to finalize the shelter was the purchase and installation of a generator. The Suffolk Foundation’s grant will provide the funds for the generator and allow the facility to be ready if, and when, a disaster strikes.

Also, the Suffolk Foundation has disbursed $105,000 during its 2013 Annual Grant Cycle to 25 nonprofit agencies. This year the Foundation increased its unrestricted giving over 23% and gave to it largest number of recipients. Through the generosity of the many donors and a strong financial market, the Foundation has been able to increase its unrestricted giving every year since the first grants were awarded in December, 2008. The Foundation now has assets at over $5,500,000.

Mr. Ryan Harrell, Distribution Chairman, stated to the Foundation Board that the Foundation was able to continue to expand its funding this year to agencies with a diversity of needs. The Foundation funded agencies seeking support in the following areas: Arts, Education, Environment, Health, and Human Needs. As the invested, unrestricted funds continue to grow, the Board anticipates being able to support more agencies with a diversity of needs and with more funds.

The 2013 Suffolk Foundation Grant Recipients were:

  • SUFFOLK ART LEAGUE – $1,000 (fully funded request): Helps provide education in the arts for the citizens of Suffolk and surrounding communities.
  • SUFFOLK CENTER FOR CULTURAL ARTS – $5,000 (fully funded request): Supports the funding of the Center’s Student Matinees and “Artists in Schools” Program and youth art education initiatives for the 2013 – 2014 Season.
  • VIRGINIA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA – $2,000: Assists in providing “Young People’s Concerts“ to all Suffolk Public Schools fifth graders at no charge.
  • SUFFOLK LITERACY COUNCIL – $5,000 (fully funded request): Assists with the funding of the “Tutor Retention and Student Pairing Project”.
  • ACCESS COLLEGE FOUNDATION – $2,000: Assists with the operating funds of the Access program in Suffolk public high and middle schools.
  • NANSEMOND-SUFFOLK ACADEMY – $5,000: Helps support NSA’s mission to develop and inspire leaders who value diversity.
  • BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS OF SOUTHEAST VIRGINIA – $7,000: Supports two programs – a tutoring program, as well as the Kids Café program in the Suffolk Unit.
  • Paul D. Camp Community College – $5,000: Helps implement the first phase of the PDCCC Math Academy.
  • • NANSEMOND RIVER PRESERVATION ALLIANCE – $3,000: Helps support the K-12 School Oyster Growers Program and the Annual River and Creek Fest.
  • WESTERN TIDEWATER FREE CLINIC – $5,000: Helps provide full and partial dentures to 50 Suffolk patients to improve overall health, self-esteem, and employability.
  • FOODBANK OF SOUTHEASTERN VIRGINIA – $5,000 (fully funded request): Assists with providing healthy, high-quality foods to benefit the health of Suffolk’s most vulnerable residents by supporting the expansion of the Mobile Pantry Program (a targeted, direct food delivery system).
  • BON SECOURS MARYVIEW FOUNDATION – $4,000: Provides medical and pharmacy supplies at no cost through the medication assistance program.
  • SOUTHEAST VIRGINIA AREAWIDE MODEL PROGRAM – $5,000 (fully funded request): Provides 250 trips to medical appointments for Suffolk residents 60 years of age and adults with disabilities.
  • CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL OF THE KING’S DAUGHTERS – $5,000 (fully funded request): Helps support the child abuse program by providing medical, mental health, and forensic services to children suspected of being abused and neglected.
  • THE SUFFOLK PARTNERSHIP FOR A HEALTHY COMMUNITY, INC. – $2,500: Continues helping fund the cost of a community-wide comprehensive well-care management program called Positive Lifestyle Commitment Program.
  • AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION – $3.500: Assists in funding the CPR Anytime Program which will increase the number of Suffolk residents trained in CPR.
  • SUFFOLK YMCA – $5,000 (fully funded request): Supports the area’s child care crisis by helping provide scholarships to public school children coming from low-income families, so the individuals may have the possibility of attending Afterschool and/or Summer Camp.
  • THE GENIEVE SHELTER – $5,000 (fully funded request): Helps update and upgrade the educational room for its children’s program.
  • BON SECOURS MARYVIEW FOUNDATION – $4,000: Provides medical and pharmacy supplies at no cost through the medication assistance program.
  • SUFFOLK MEALS ON WHEELS – $6,000 (fully funded request: Helps improve the quality of life for senior and disabled residents by providing home delivered meals to those in need.
  • THE CHILDREN’S CENTER – $3,500 (fully funded request): Allows the placement of “Raising a Reader Program” in the new Head Start classroom at the Suffolk Head Start Center.
  • FORKIDS – $5,000 (fully funded request): Partial funds providing children’s services and transportation for homeless families.
  • VIRGINIA LEGAL AID SOCIETY – $5,000: Helps support the VLAS Strengthening Families with Children, which incorporates legal advice and representation to strengthen low-income families in stress.
  • THE UP CENTER – $2,500: Helps provide Trauma Informed Care Services to individuals. The funds will be used to provide incentives to increase enrollment and encourage attendance in trauma groups.
  • SUFFOLK SPECIAL OLYMPICS AREA 29 – $3,000: Assists with the costs incurred for hosting Suffolk Games 2014 and helps cover costs of annual State and Fall Championships.