2012 Grant Awardees

Suffolk Foundation Awards $85,000

In December 2012, the Suffolk Foundation made its Annual Grant Distributions at the Foundation office. This year the Foundation was able to disburse $85,000 to twenty-four (24) different nonprofit agencies. Since the Foundation received its 501 (c) (3) nonprofit community foundation status in October, 2007, it has awarded over $1,100,000 in unrestricted and donor-advised grants and scholarships. The Foundation funded agencies seeking support in the following areas: Cultural Arts, Education, Environment, Health, and Human Need. As the invested funds continue to grow, the Board anticipates being able to support more agencies, and a diversity of needs, with more funds.

The 2012 Suffolk Foundation Grant Recipients were:

  1. Access College Foundation – $5,000: Funds provide operating support for the Access program in Suffolk’s three high schools, two middle schools, and 13 Virginia university/college campuses to assist Suffolk students during the 2012-2013 school year.
  2. Bon Secours Maryview Foundation – $3,000: Funds support the Care-A-Van program by providing medication assistance (prescriptions and medications) at no cost to help those in need.
  3. Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeast Virginia – $5,000: Funds help students who are repeating their grade through the Club’s tutoring program and help support the Kid’s Cafe which serves students meals and snacks.
  4. Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters -$2,000: Funds assist in providing medical, mental health, and forensic services to children suspected of being abused and neglected.
  5. Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia – $4,000: Funds assist in supporting the mission of eliminating hunger through the Suffolk Healthy Mobile Pantry Pilot.
  6. ForKids – $5,000: Funds help provide housing and services for homeless families in Western Tidewater with portions used for client transportation.
  7. Nansemond River Preservation Alliance – $2,500: Funds partially support the Comprehensive Community Environmental Education Program in the City of Suffolk, which encourages all residents to be environmental stewards and protect the Nansemond River watershed and waterways.
  8. Nansemond-Suffolk Academy – $2,500: Funds assist NSA in meeting their diversity initiatives through education of staff and students.
  9. Paul D. Camp Community College – $2,000: Funds maintain a Career Coach Program in three Suffolk public high schools. Students are assisted by career coaches who help students achieve their educational and financial goals.
  10. Southeastern Virginia Areawide Model Program – $5,000: Funds provide rides to medical appointments for Suffolk seniors and individuals with disabilities.
  11. Suffolk Art League – $1,000: Funds assist in supporting programs that provide education in the arts for Suffolk citizens, such as artist’s workshops, as well as gallery tours, activities, and hands-on activities in Suffolk’s high schools, middle schools, and 4th and 5th grade gifted and talented students.
  12. Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts – $5,000: Funds assist in supporting the Center’s Student Matinees and Artists in Schools Programs for 2012-2013, exposing students to the magic of live theater and allowing them to enjoy performances that support the SOLs.
  13. Suffolk Family YMCA – $5,000: Funds address the Suffolk area’s child care crisis by supporting an afterschool program for 35 low-income children and one week of summer camp for 10 children.
  14. Suffolk Humane Society – $1,000: Funds provide cat food and litter to adoptable cats in 2013.
  15. Suffolk Literacy Council – $2,500: Funds help support the day to day operation of the Suffolk Literacy Council, which includes the Tutor Coordinator and supplies, reading materials, and books.
  16. Suffolk Meals on Wheels – $5,000: Funds assist in providing nutritious meals for the financial need-based recipients in Suffolk.
  17. Suffolk Salvation Army – $5,000: Funds help provide basic services of food, shelter, and energy in Suffolk and the surrounding area.
  18. Suffolk Special Olympics – Area 29 – $2,000: Funds assist in supporting the costs incurred for hosting the Area 29 Suffolk Games and cover the costs of State Games and Fall Championships.
  19. The Children’s Center – $2,500: Funds used for scholarships for Suffolk children in Early Intervention/Pediatric Therapy who need additional services to enhance their therapy.
  20. The Genieve Shelter – $5,000 ($2,000 of grant funded by Schaubach Donor-Advised Fund): Funds help operate CJ’s Suffolk domestic violence shelter and provide transportation source and driver to the emergency shelter.
  21. Suffolk Partnership for a Healthy Community, Inc. – $2,500: Funds help implement a community-wide comprehensive well care management program called the Positive Lifestyle Commitment Program, which empowers individuals with knowledge, tools, and access to the resources to take responsibility for their own health.
  22. Virginia Legal Aid Society – $5,000: Funds help support the Strengthening Families with Children Program, which incorporates legal advice and representation to strengthen low-income families in stress.
  23. Virginia Symphony Orchestra – $2,500: Funds help enable the Symphony to provide the Young People’s Concert to all Suffolk Public Schools’ fifth grade students free of charge.
  24. Western Tidewater Free Clinic, Inc. – $5,000: Funds help provide full and partial dentures to patients to help improve their overall health, self-esteem, and employability.

24 Grantees, 24 Grants
Total Unrestricted Funds Awarded $82,000
Total Donor Advised/Designated Funds Awarded $3,000
Grants Total $85,000