2012 Howard D. Mast Memorial Scholarship Awardee

Elizabeth B. Dolan, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy

Elizabeth B. Dolan, senior at Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, will receive the 2012 Howard D. Mast Memorial Scholarship in a ceremony at the school on Wednesday, May 23 rd at 10:00 A.M.

The Suffolk Foundation is pleased to announce the 2012 recipient of the Howard D. Mast Memorial Scholarship (HMMS) is Elizabeth Bartlett Dolan, a Nansemond-Suffolk Academy graduate. Her mother is Elizabeth Brothers Dolan. They reside in Suffolk.

In making the selection, the committee reviewed the applicant’s academic performance, extracurricular activities, character, and recommendations. The selection committee was especially impressed with Elizabeth’s ability to participate in numerous athletic activities, particularly field hockey and lacrosse, and maintain exceptional academic success.

In both field hockey and lacrosse she was named to the 1stTeam All TCIS this past year. She was able to balance her extremely challenging course of studies, participate in athletic activities, and find time to organize and found NSA’s Schools-for-Schools Club Chapter. She volunteered her time and talents in supporting many civic and community projects and activities. In reviewing Elizabeth’s essay it was obvious that she is a firm believer in Mr. Mast’s philosophy that “nothing worthwhile can be gained without dedication and hard work. The committee felt that Elizabeth demonstrated this attribute which was easily identified by her member ship in the National Honor Society, maintaining a 4.0 Grade Point Average, being selected as the Wendy’s Heisman School Female recipient, and by being honored by the Suffolk Art Museum for her excellence in Poetry. The $2,500 scholarship will be sent directly to the University of Richmond, where Elizabeth will be attending next year, to assist with tuition or other university fees.

Congratulations to Elizabeth B. Dolan, who has demonstrated that “nothing worthwhile can be gained without dedication and hard work”. The Suffolk Foundation and the Howard D. Mast Scholarship Committee wishes her well in all her future endeavors.