2011 Howard D. Mast Memorial Scholarship Awardee

Taylor Anne Young, Lakeland High School

The Suffolk Foundation is pleased to announce the 2011 recipient of the Howard D. Mast Memorial Scholarship (HMMS) is Taylor Anne Young, a senior at Lakeland High School and daughter of Sandra Young.

This years scholarship presentation was made during the school's senior award night by Mr. Robert Blair, who is a Suffolk native, now living in Washington, DC. He learned tennis through Mr. Mast's program and was asked by the Suffolk Foundation to present the scholarship to Taylor on their behalf. Mr. Blair was one of the individuals who was instrumental in organizing the fundraising efforts to initiate the HMMS.  The HMMS selection committee is made up of Mr. Bill Peachy, chairman, Mr. Tommy Bell, Mr. Robert Blair, Mrs. Mary Louise Darnell,  Mr. Donnie Goldberg, Mr. Tommy Bell, Mr. Sandy Tucker, and Ms. Michelle Waller, all who were positively influenced by Mr. Mast in one way or the other. 

In making the selection, the committee reviewed the applicant's academic performance, extracurricular activities, character, and recommendations and recommeded to the Suffolk Foundation's distribution committee, Taylor Young receive the $2,500 scholarship.  The Suffolk Foundation's distribution committee unanimously approved the HMMS selection committee's recommendation.

Taylor will be attending Christopher Newport University, where she will continue to participate in her favorite sport, field hockey.  Taylor wrote in her essay how Mr, Mast had directly influenced her not only on the tennis court, but helped mold her into the person she is today.  She felt that he would have been proud of her hard work, both in school and on the athletic field, which has led her to have the opportunity to go to college and continue to participate in athletics.

To be eligible to receive the HMMS, the individual must meet the following criteria:

  • have financial need
  • participated in athletics in youth and/or school programs
  • exhibited strong moral character
  • been involvede in community, religious, and civic affairs
  • demonstrated strong academic performance

The HMMS selection committee and the Foundation's distribution committee
felt Taylor Young best exemplified the scholarship's criteria and was most
deserving of the 2011 scholarship.  We wish her the best in all she undertakes.